How much it Costs 

to Fly to Every

Eagles Away game

Season 2019 - 2020

Fly, Eagles, Fly...

With analysts expecting this year's Eagles to top the NFC East, there are no doubt some die-hard fans ready to hit the road (or the sky) to watch it unfold live.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of all Eagles away games for the '19-'20 season, complete with:

  • Current cheapest airfare from Philly
  • Flight time
  • Average destination temperature

We looked at the current cheapest options for flying in either a. the day-of the game or b. the day before.

And we have you heading home the day after the game in most cases.

At the bottom you'll find the GRAND TOTAL COST to follow the Birds everywhere they fly...

(baggage fees not included, of course)

Disclaimer: Philly Flight List cannot guarantee the ongoing availability of these fares past the time of publication. Bookings, reservations, and confirmations are solely your responsibility. We are not associated with any airline, airport, or travel agency, and do not receive any payment when you view or book a flight we share. We're just looking out for the deals!

1. Sun 9/15 - Atlanta Falcons

  • Cheapest fare: $156 on Frontier (cheapest fare has a 7-hour layover in Orlando on the return)
  • Flight time from PHL: 2h 29m
  • Avg temperature: 83° / 62°

2. Thurs 9/26 - Green Bay Packers

  • Cheapest fare: $989 on United (This one's painful -- much higher than usual)
  • Flight time from PHL: 7h 13m 
  • Avg temperature: 73° / 50°

3. Sun 10/13 - Minnesota Vikings

  • Cheapest fare: $234 on Sun Country (this one has you on the ground in Minneapolis 30 minutes before kickoff. The airport to the stadium drive time shows at 21 minutes per Google maps)
  • Flight time from PHL: 2h 55m 
  • Avg temperature: 58° / 39°

4. Sun 10/20 - Dallas Cowboys

  • Cheapest fare: $204 on Spirit
  • Flight time from PHL: 3h 47m 
  • Avg temperature: 79° / 58°

5. Sun 10/27 - Buffalo Bills

  • Cheapest fare: $465 on American
  • Flight time from PHL: 1h 29m 
  • Avg temperature: 58° / 45°

6. Sun 12/01 - Miami Dolphins

  • Cheapest fare: $550 on American (Currently higher than usual for this route. Pro tip: when heading to Miami, always check Fort Lauderdale as well... it's right down the road)
  • Flight time from PHL: 4h 38m 
  • Avg temperature: 76° / 65°

7. Sun 12/15 - Washington Redskins (but just drive)

  • Cheapest fare: $481 on American
  • Flight time from PHL: 0h 56m 
  • Avg temperature: 48° / 30°

8. Sun 12/29 - New York Giants (but just drive)

  • Cheapest fare: $340 on Jet Blue (requires a stop in Boston... no one's actually taking this flight...) 
  • Flight time from PHL: 3h 51m
  • Avg temperature: 44° / 31

Sun 2/2/20 - SUPER BOWL in Miami

While it's impossible to predict playoff locations, the Super Bowl is set in advance.

Though if you can afford a Super Bowl ticket, chances are you're probably not looking for the cheapest flight...)

  • Cheapest fare: $254 on Frontier
  • Flight time from PHL: 2h 56m 
  • Avg temperature: 75° / 64°

The grand total

Green Bay
New York

Based on current airfare costs at the time of publication (9/5/19), you could book tickets to see ALL Eagles road games in '19-'20 (excluding playoffs but including Super Bowl) for: $3,673

That works out to an average of $408/flight.

Exclude the most expensive flight (Green Bay), and the average drops to only $335/flight.

An even more reasonable plan: hit up Atlanta, Minnesota, and Dallas for a total of $594 (avg $198/ flight) and use the leftover $3,079 to go wild at Hoagiefest.

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