AeroLOPA: Is this New Airline Seating Tool Better than SeatGuru?

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Published May 20, 2023

In the realm of air travel, choosing the right seat can make or break the experience. And that’s where AeroLOPA enters the picture.

AeroLOPA is a new airplane seating chart platform designed to present detailed, accurate, real-scale seating charts for aircraft. These charts are a level above what is currently offered elsewhere and show details that currently cannot be easily found elsewhere.

Why AeroLOPA?

With airlines often providing very basic and sometimes confusing seating information, it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting into.

The folks behind AeroLOPA understood this problem. They took a page from the beautifully crafted diagrams of the North American airlines from the 80s and 90s and turned it into a digital offering.

Beyond just showing seats, AeroLOPA offers scaled, detailed seating plans of the passenger cabin. You can see the angle of each seat, the positioning of bulkheads and bassinets, the size and accessibility of lavatories, and even the alignment of windows with seats.

aerolopa seat chart a321
Note how you can see the true scale of size between seats, and also how row 10 does not have an aligned window.

AeroLOPA’s Airline Coverage

At present, AeroLOPA covers over 90 airlines, offering a wide variety of aircraft types. For example, just for American Airlines, it provides over 7 different types of planes and numerous configurations. It’s clear that AeroLOPA is a valuable resource for a broad range of travelers.

And once you select your plane, it even gives you options to view the separate configurations of those planes:

Airbus 321 configurations on aeroLOPA

AeroLOPA vs. SeatGuru: A Comparison

Before discovering AeroLOPA, I was a regular user of SeatGuru.

I’ve personally had good experiences using SeatGuru, but Reddit and other travel forums reveal more than a few comments from unhappy passengers saying the site isn’t updated often enough and they chose a seat based on outdated information.

AeroLOPA is supposedly more up-to-date. It also shows how big seats are in relation to each other, and if there’s a window aligned which is a great unique feature, especially when considering bulkhead or exit row seats, where the configurations can differ depending on aircraft.

But on the other hand, AeroLopa does not yet have all of SeatGuru’s features (such as pointing out electrical outlets).

When taking it all into consideration, the easy answer is to use both sites to compliment each other when searching for the best seat, as they both have something unique to offer.

What does AeroLOPA mean?

I was curious about what the name AeroLOPA meant. After some research, I can confirm that LOPA stands for Layout of Passenger Accommodations, a commonly used phrase that is used to describe the interior configuration of an aircraft cabin.

Courtesy of faa.gov

The Verdict

AeroLOPA is a useful tool that equips you with the necessary information to make the best decision when picking your seats. Coupled with SeatGuru, you’ll have all the insights to secure the ideal seat for your flight.

Remember, AeroLOPA is still growing and expanding its range of offerings. So, keep an eye on this promising tool – it’s one I’m certainly excited to continue using.

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