How Philly Flight List Works

Published October 1, 2022

Now that travel’s back in full swing, the party’s getting bigger around here!

Since January, we’ve welcomed 4,800+ new subscribers to Philly Flight List, bringing the total email list to 12,096 Philly travel enthusiasts.

With all the new folks, we’ve been getting a few questions, so wanted to drop a quick reminder on how Philly Flight List works and how to get the most out of it.

We look at all routes, all the time

We’re not a travel agency, a booking agent, or a flight search engine.

Think of us as your cheap flight-obsessed friend who’s always looking out for great airfare deals from Philly to anywhere, all the time.


Airfare sales and price drops are common, but are determined by dozens of factors, and are highly unpredictable.

The magic hack is to always look at everything all the time, and be ready to pounce when you see a flight you like.

Since you don’t have time to constantly monitor hundreds of air routes, we do it for you and shoot you an email when a deal pops up!

Our goal is to help you snag cheap flights to your dream destinations, and inspire you to consider new travel spots you may not have otherwise!

These are time-sensitive deals

Depending on the deal, availability could either last weeks or be gone within 5 minutes.

On average, the deals we share last a few days, but heavily discounted fares to popular destinations like Europe, Australia, and Hawaii can be gone in minutes after 12,095 other subscribers see them.

We are not part of the ticketing process and have no control over how many seats are left at any given price. We just share the great deals when we see them, so plan accordingly!

We cannot help you look for specific flights at a specific time (but check out the guide!)

It breaks our hearts, but we can no longer offer individual help for flight searches now that we have over 12,000 subscribers.

To help though, we wrote this Ultimate Guide to Cheap Flights from Philly that shares our best thinking around cheap flight booking, common questions, and options for searching!

There are two subscription tiers

Our free subscription shares 1-2 cheap flight deals from Philly every week. This will remain free and it’s totally cool if you stay on this plan forever!

We also offer a Philly Flight List Ultra subscription where you receive up to 3x more deals than free subscribers and get shared deals an hour early to get first jump on the really popular fares before thousands of others see it.

You can try it free for two weeks, but no pressure if it’s not for you!

Your feedback is awesome

From the beginning, subscriber feedback has been the most valuable tool in building and growing Philly Flight List.

Please reach out anytime with any thoughts about what could make this newsletter more valuable to you, or what new services could help out your travel life.

We appreciate having you on board and hope you’ll be jetting off somewhere cool very soon!

See you at the gate,

The Philly Flight List team

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