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Published January 30, 2022

Depending on the season, there are currently 28-32 international nonstop flight routes from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to various international destinations around the globe.

Whether you’re headed to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, or the Middle East, check out this guide to learn how long your direct flight from Philly will take.

Please note that these times are approximate, and exact flight time will depend on the airline, route flown, weather conditions, and several other factors.

But for purposes of calculating how many on-board movies you’ll watch, this should do just fine!

Flight times from Philadelphia to Europe

Dreaming of a European escapade? There’s no shortage of direct flights from Philadelphia to some of the most iconic cities on the continent.

From the historic charm of London to the romantic allure of Paris, and the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the picturesque settings of Zürich by the lake, Europe is just a few hours away.

Whether you’re craving some Swiss chocolate, wanting to immerse yourself in the Grecian culture, or dreaming of the Spanish Flamenco, here’s a handy guide to see just how soon you can land on European soil.

Switzerland city by the lake

Zürich (ZRH) – 7h30

Dublin (DUB) – 6h45

London (LHR) – 7h05

Athens (ATH) – 9h50

Rome (FCO) – 8h20

Lisbon (LIS) – 7h

Barcelona (BCN) – 7h30

Madrid (MAD) – 7h10

Paris (CDG) – 7h30

Amsterdam (AMS) – 7h30

Frankfurt (FRA) – 7h45

Flight times from Philadelphia to the Caribbean

Sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and the allure of island life beckon as you consider hopping on a flight to the Caribbean.

Whether you’re keen on diving into the clear waters of Grand Cayman, exploring the vibrant streets of Kingston, or lounging on the pristine beaches of Saint Lucia, Philadelphia offers direct flights that will have you sipping on a piña colada in no time.

Check out these nonstop flight durations and start packing your swimwear!

Caribbean ocean view

Aruba (AUA) – 4h48

Nassau (NAS) – 3h12

Grand Cayman (GCM) – 4h15

Punta Cana (PUJ) – 3h59

Santiago de los Caballeros (STI) – 4h03

Santo Domingo (SDQ) – 3h46

Kingston (KIN) – 3h52 

Montego Bay (MBJ) – 3h38 

San Juan (SJU) – 4h02 

Sint Maarten (SXM) – 5h

Saint Lucia (UVF) – 4h48

Providenciales (PLS) – 3h50

Saint Thomas (STT) – 3h48

Flight times from Philadelphia to the Middle East

Experiencing the rich history and diverse culture of the Middle East is easier than ever with direct flights from Philadelphia.

Although the flight list might be short, the journey to Doha promises a world of adventure. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or to discover the wonders of Qatar, here’s your guide to the flight duration.

Doha Qatar

Doha (DOH) – 12h20

Flight times from Philadelphia to Mexico

Tantalizing cuisine, colorful festivities, and breathtaking landscapes – Mexico is a destination that promises a vibrant experience.

From the lively beaches of Cancun to the serene coastlines of Cozumel, you can find yourself immersed in the heart of Mexico in just a matter of hours.

If a Mexican adventure is on your bucket list, here’s a look at how quickly you can get there from Philadelphia.


Cancun (CUN) – 4h

Cozumel (CZM) – 4h23

Flight times from Philadelphia to Canada

Our friendly neighbors to the north are closer than you think!

With Canada’s rich tapestry of cultures, from the maritime vibes of Halifax to the bustling city life in Toronto, there’s a Canadian experience waiting for everyone.

If you’re looking to explore the Great White North, here’s how swiftly you can touch down in some of Canada’s most beloved cities from Philadelphia.

Toronto Canada

Halifax (YHZ) – 1h35

Montreal (YUL) – 1h37 

Quebec City (YQB) – 1h46

Toronto (YYZ) – 1h30

Flight times from Philadelphia to Other Destinations

Looking to explore destinations that don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories? Fear not, as there’s still a range of exotic locations just a direct flight away from Philadelphia.

Bermuda, with its pink-hued sunsets and stunning landscapes, is just one of the many jewels you can explore. Dive in to see the duration of your next potential getaway!

Bermuda sunset pink

Bermuda (BDA) – 2h20


Now that you know how quick and easy it can be to get to these destinations from Philadelphia, find out how to score the cheapest airline tickets possible with our Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Flights from Philly

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